You may be looking for resolution around a particular issue, feeling stuck or dissatisfied with life, or in need of a safe space where you can unburden your thoughts and feelings.

Making the first step is often the most difficult, and yet for many clients, making contact with a counsellor, in confidence, marks a threshold. A moment where we being to build towards a positive future. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us.

We have experience counselling a diverse range of clients experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, loss, grief, anger issues, confidence issues, relationship difficulties, issues at work, addiction, eating issues, abuse, trauma and autism.

We offer short term and long term and open-ended counselling, providing one to one support tailored to your individual needs.

• Weekly sessions cost £15 if you are on benefits.

• If you are working and not on benefits, the cost is £30 with a trainee counsellor or £45 with a fully qualified counsellor per weekly session. Trainee counsellors have a fitness to practice certificate from recognised counselling courses and are fully supervised by more experienced counsellors.

We follow the Codes of Ethics and Professional Procedures of the BACP, and work in the strictest confidence.